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updated 3/24/2000 1:32:00 PM by Jorge N.
Report: About the OPEC Meeting - Articles from Portugal
Dear Friends,

I post two articles from, a portal of management and trends in portuguese, about the discussion around the price of the crude and the trends in this energy sector based on dicussions in the forum of

These two articles are in PORTUGUESE language for portuguese language speaking people.

- Petroleo ao rubro htttp://

- Barril de crude não voltará ao preço da chuva

Todo o feedback sobre estes artigos pode ser enviado a:

Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues
editor of, a portal of management with readers in Portugal, Brasil and other portuguese speaking countries
journalist for, EXPRESSO is the first newspaper in circulation edited in Portugal


Thanks for your contribution. I will post these as articles on the iNet News Service.

the iNet News Manager

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