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updated 10/23/2002 4:30:00 AM by Adam C.
Report: You are all mad!
Can you remember when you first got interested, and concerned, about the impending oil crisis?

I can as it was only last week. When I saw the title "Oil supplies crisis" I thought, "Oh god, what loony has got a bee in his bonnet" and proceeded to investigate the facts; after all you can only dismiss it if you understand the details.

I am currently reading "The coming oil crisis" by Colin Campbell. While it is an interesting, and sometimes exciting read, I am hugely worried about the future, not only mine but my children and their children.

The reason for my title is this; I still find it incredible that the oil has reached a mid point and will soon be getting scare, the price increases as I understand it will be caused by the available oil being a lesser grade and therefore harder to process, or more expensive to extract, and not forgetting that Saudi Arabia can, and most probably will, increase prices. Lets not even go down the route of Iraq, which own a third of the world oil reserves.

If I feel this way, what chance has the general public got to understanding this and excepting it? I mentioned the above facts to my friends in the office, all of the reactions were "hmm, ok Adam whatever you say".

Not to mention the governments and oil companies.

I feel that when this crisis starts, now or within the next 2 years, it will be to late.

I live in the United Kingdom, and I can only find US based info on this crisis. Does anyone know of a UK based website?

As for information on the UK, please take a look at our website, While the information on the site specifically about the UK is limited, it provides a good starting point for one to investigate the conditions there.

On that page you will also find a link to, our website's section on the UK.

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