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updated 3/26/2001 7:45:00 PM by Karen S.
Report: Utility Mania
Somehow I am finding it harder and harder to keep smiling when I open my utility bill. I know my gas heating bill has gone sky-high. As a one-income person it is frustrating to say the least. But more to the point, it does not seem fair. IS there really a shortage or a vast problem like they are saying? What about the elderly, how are they going to stay warm if this continues into next winter? I know I could go out and get another job, if the need arises, but what about those that cannot, how are they going to survive? How much do people have to bear before a "fairness" comes into play? I had also hoped to take a trip to see my kids but the gasoline prices are causing me to think twice. Gee, we are not talking about jet-setting here, just a little trip to visit family. Okay, so I am sounding off--thanks for the opportunity. Am I alone in feeling this way? I'd like to hear others opinions. Thanks!

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