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updated 7/1/2000 4:00:00 PM by eric anderson
Report: Announcing - A systemic perspective on oil is a comprehensive information site about the future of oil and its impact on our society
This unique site uses systems theory to explain the complex behaviors of the oil market. The mission of the site is to provide the context for policy initiatives, product innovations, lifestyle choices and other things that
require a robust understanding of the role that oil plays in our society. This unique site is both one of the best examples of the application of systems theory available on the web and one of the most comprehesive oil information sites.

In the near future the author will be adding mental scenario tools, more on systems theory and its importance to energy policy, and downloadable qualitative models.

The author is always looking for innovative content, qualitative models, and new perspectives on the problems our society faces in regards to oil policy.

--Eric R. Anderson
Oiltheory Author and Developer

I found Chapter 2 page 2 (Crude Oil Transportation and Inventory) especially interesting, with tables showing statistics for the 10 largest exporters and the 10 largest importers.

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