Virtual SchoolHouse Registration Procedures

EcoSage has created a virtual newsroom and virtual school system operating on our various websites. Using this system, you may establish an on-line school and courses ("Quests") to encourage your students as well as other schools to participate in further developing in the realm of the themes which we foster.

By going to www.ecosage.com you may find the website which is most appropriate for your school. Once you have made your selection and arrived at a virtual schoolhouse, select "Register New School" from the menu to proceed.

At this point you would need to fill in the basic information about your school (items listed in red are required, other information is optional), and then establish at least one "Quest" (course) and at least one Task. If you are the one who registers your school (thereby becoming your school's Administrator), then you are the only one who can "Accept" Quests created by yourself or other teachers ("Quest Authors") in your virtual school. Nothing gets published (available for viewing by others) until it has been approved, ensuring quality control every step of the way.

If you log out after registering your school, you will not immediately be able to see your school on the list nor to access the school you have just created. However, the Schoolhouse Webmaster will get an automatic email notice, and then once the webmaster accepts your school in the system, others will be able to see what you have set up and other teachers will be able to create additional courses. More importantly, students will be able to do reports, including attachments which might for example be digital photos of some of their work. You will receive automatic notification of their work by e-mail, and then these will be published for viewing on the web once you have "Reviewed" and "Accepted" their work.

EcoSage's intention is to create a learning environment focussed on the theme of sustainability that enables students to share what they have accomplished with others around the world.

At this point there is no charge for using the system. When we see reports that are of general interest, the student reports are converted into Articles in the iNet News service, thereby giving greater recognition to students who excel.

If there is some other way you would like to collaborate, we would be interested in your comments and suggestions. Please send e-mail to the Webmaster@ecosage.com.

For more information on the system's structure, go to Introduction to the Virtual SchoolHouse or click here to proceed to the SolarQuest® Virtual Schoolhouse.