Solar Economy Read some of the many endorsements for The Solar Economy:
"Members of the German Parliament don't usually create much of a stir outside Europe. But Hermann Scheer electrified a Washington audience last month with his gale-force enthusiasm...In the past decade, this earnest economist has, more than any single political leader, transformed Europe's energy landscape...Scheer who has preached his gospel in 100 countries, does not believe the world can afford to wait for the market alone to make wind and solar power competitive with fossil fuels. Renewable energy, he says, "is necessary for the assurance of life on earth. There is no time to waste." TIME MAGAZINE, August 2002

"This book is of the greatest importance for the future of mankind' GÜNTHER GRASS, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

"This is the single most important work on the potential of solar energy by the president of Eurosolar, who is also a German MP… If you want to be informed about an economically viable and sustainable alternative, this book is a good place to begin' THE SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL NETWORK

"A masterwork by the master advocate for solar' JEREMY LEGGETT, author of The Carbon War

"This is a most interesting text. It is a book which believes wholeheartedly that solar power is the only way forward… What we are presented with here is an eloquent statement of a possible future. Such a view gives us ample opportunity to explore what is being said and as a teaching exercise it has a great deal to recommend it' TEG NEWS - BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY

"This book is a bible for the alternative energy movement. The list of figures and tables alone make it a "must have" for anyone interested in energy generation' CONSTRUCT IRELAND

"The Solar Economy presents a compelling case for weaning the world off its potentially disastrous reliance on oil' ENVIRONMENT TIMES

"Time magazine has named him The Solar Crusader, a Hero of the Green Century... Hermann Scheer has inspired people all over the world to take part in the Solar Revolution' POSITIVE NEWS

"Inspirational… Sheer's is a heady, Utopian vision. Here comes the sun' NEW SCIENTIST

"Examining the entire supply chain for fossil fuel energy, Scheer reveals that the claim that it is more efficient than renewable energy is a myth. This book proposes a well-planned alternative that is economically viable and sustainable' THE E/COLOGIST

"This is the most powerfully written book on the energy situation that this reviewer has ever read. Scheer, a member of Parliament of the German government, is completely aware of both the world energy dilemma and the seemingly helpless maneuvers being attempted to cure the disease… He is most convincing when discussing the supranational conferences and conventions, which, though sounding as if real progress were being made, are really toothless and even counterproductive when confronted with the economic power of the fossil fuel consortia. Highly recommended. All levels of readers' CHOICE

"This book presents an eloquent statement of a possible future' NEWSLETTER 27

"Forget Kyoto - all talk and no action - this book shows how technological challenges can be met using indigenous, renewable and universally available resources, and predicts the enormous benefits which will flow from doing so' ENERGY WORLD