Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Colin J. Campbell
b. 1931. 
Educated: St Paul's School and Wadham College, Oxford - B.A (Hons) Geology 1954; M.A., D.Phil 1957

1955-56 Geologist to Oxford University Expedition to Borneo
Geological field work, central Borneo
1956 Geologist (tmp), British Overseas Geological Surveys, Sarawak
Writing up the results for publication
1957-61 Exploration Geologist, Texaco, Trinidad, Colombia
Geological field work
1961-66 Regional Geologist, BP, Colombia
Regional evaluation and commercial appraisals
1967-68 Regional Geologist, BP, Australia, New Guinea
Geological field work, central Papua,
1968-69 Regional Geologist, Amoco, New York, Chicago
Regional evaluation of South America, search for opportunities, government negotiations
1969-72 Chief Geologist, Amoco, Ecuador
Managing an exploration venture in the Amazon headwaters, much negotiation
1972-78 General Manager, Shenandoah Oil, London, Dublin
Managing a small company secure a stake in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey. Much negotiation with partners and government, recruited small staff
1978 Adviser, Norsk Hydro, Oslo
Advising a major Norwegian company take a position in oil 
1978-79 Exploration Manager, Aran, Dublin
Managing exploration in two joint ventures off Ireland with BP and Deminex. Many colourful negotiations
1979 Supervisor, New Ventures, Amoco, London
Return to mainstream oil industry, dealing with ventures in Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Malta
1980-84 Exploration Manager, Amoco, Norway
Managing a major operating company's exploration in Norway, finding first oil off mid Norway
1985-89 Executive Vice-President, Fina, Norway
Built up a new office, eventually with a staff of 60. Many negotiations with government and partners. Public relations. Secured new strong position in Barents Sea, and elsewhere with major company partners. Increasing independence and contempt of head office led to "early retirement". 
1989- Consultant to Amoco, Norway
Consultant to Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on world oil resources and depletion: study eventually published as the Golden Century of Oil Chairman, Nordic American Oil Co.
Formed new oil company with Norwegian and American capital to undertake infill drilling in old US fields. Eventually sold out.
Consulting to Bulgarian Government,
Advising government on fall of Communism how to attract western oil companies
Consulting to Statoil, Mobil, Amerada, Enterprise, Total, Pelican on oil resources; 
Consulting to Shell, Esso, Mobil on N.Sea project 
Consulting to Petroconsultants, Geneva
Wrote several major reports on oil depletion
Partner in Petroplan Inc
A consultancy concentrating on oil forecasting, write monthly column in Tomorrow's Oil 
Adviser to the board, Hampton Investments, San Francisco
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Professional Affiliations
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Geological Society, London
Institute of Petroleum, London

Lectures on oil resources and depletion
Dec. 1993, NPF Conference, Stavanger
Mar 1994, PESGB Seminar, London; also Aberdeen
Sept 1994, APS Conference, Cyprus
Oct 1994, BGR Conference, Hannover 
Dec 1994, World Resources Institute, Washington
Dec 1995, Seminar, Reading University
Apr 1996, Royal Institute of International Affairs, London
Sept 1996, Canadian Energy Research Institute, Calgary 
Nov 1997, International Energy Agency, Paris
June 1998, Shell Research, The Hague
Sept. 1998, Centre for Global Energy Studies
Oct. 1998, Shell Global Solutions, Amsterdam
Nov. 1998, Geological Society of America, Toronto
Nov. 1998, Public Lecture, Colorado School of Mines, Denver
Nov. 1998, Cambridge Investments, San Francisco
Nov. 1998, Walt Disney, Los Angeles
Nov. 1998, Institute of Petroleum, London
Feb, 1999, CERN, Geneva
May, 1999, Oil Retreat, London
July, 1999, All Party Committee, House of Commons, London
Aug. 1999, LB Systemtechnik, Munich
Sept. 1999, American Assoc. Petroleum Geol. Birmingham Convention
Sept. 1999, Oil Prices Conference, London
Oct., 1999, Swiss Academy of Sciences, Luzern
Oct. 1999, Ingepet Conference, Lima, Peru
Nov. 1999, Herald Tribune Conference, London
Jan. 2000, Clean Energy 2000 Conference, Geneva
Feb. 2000, FEASTA Conference, Dublin
April 2000, Petroleum Exploration Society, Meeting, Dublin
May 2000, Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Aug 2000, Petroleos de Venezuela Seminar, Caracas
Nov 2000, World Petroleum Congress, South African National Council
Dec 2000, Danish Parliament, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dec 2000, University of Clausthal, Germany
Jan 2001, Petrotech Conference, New Delhi, India

National Public Radio, USA
Voice of America, USA
Canadian Broadcasting System, Ottawa
Calgary Eye-Opener, Calgary
Radio Singapore (three times)
Australian Television (televised panel discussion with Yergin & Yamani)
WRO Radio, New York
RTE, Dublin, Pat Kenny Show
Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), Toronto
Dutch Television
BBC Television